Agility 2:

For graduates of Agility For Fun who want to continue playing! This time, the dogs will learn exercises to improve body awareness to help them jump, climb, and run safely. The humans will learn more nuances of communicating distance and direction to their dogs. We'll also include plenty of games and mini courses because this is, after all, for fun!

Class time will be divided between individual work (one dog off leash in the class room and the other dogs behind pens) and group work (multiple dogs working, on leashes for safety).


Class length: 6 weeks, 1 hour lessons

Price: $150

Location: Dodger's Paws, 39 California Ave. #305, Pleasanton 94566

Time: Sundays at 5 pm

Next class: 01/08/17 - 02/19/17, SKIP 01/29/17

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