Cooperative Care Training

Going to the vet or groomer doesn’t have to be an ordeal for both you and your dog. Teach your dog to cooperate and be calm during procedures. Lessons are done via drop in training, in which the trainer works directly with your dog.


How It Works

  • We'll meet for an Assessment first, to review your dog’s history, put together a training plan, and decide on the appropriate Cooperative Care package.

  • Drop in training does not need to be scheduled while you are at home. I will work directly with your dog for 60 minutes during each lesson. This allows for intensive training with flexible scheduling.

  • I will train your dog at home at first, then add field trips to the vet’s or groomer’s when appropriate. I will bring all grooming tools and veterinary props that are needed.

  • You will receive a training write-up after every lesson, so you can follow along with your dog’s progress.

  • All packages include at least one Private Lesson with you, so that you can learn how to implement your dog’s training and keep it strong. You will also receive a write up with clear, concise information to pass on to your vet or groomer, so everyone is on the same page.

  • All packages include lifetime support via e-mail or phone.

poodle doodle shave groom training

What Is Taught

All training is customized to your goals and your dog’s needs, but will be based around teaching your dog to voluntarily present needed body parts and hold still. Examples are:

dog vet training chin rest
  • Chin Target: Dog rests his chin on your hand or lap, and holds his head still while his head, ears, eyes are examined or groomed. Can also be used for a jugular blood draw.

  • Paw Target: Dog raises a paw and allows person to hold it for a blood draw or trimming hair around paws.

  • Settle: Dog lies down on his side and stays there while person trims his nails or brushes his belly.

  • Stand: Dog stands still for brushing, shaving, listening to heart and lungs, or palpating abdomen.


Available Packages

Starter Package (10 drop in lessons, 1 private lesson)

Appropriate for: young dogs who have not yet had bad experiences at the vet or groomer’s, and are generally tolerant of handling. Get your puppy started on the right paw, especially if he will need regular grooming throughout his life. ($800)


Standard Package (20 drop in lessons, 2 private lessons)

Appropriate for: dogs who have had some trouble at the vet or groomer’s, such as needing to be restrained for a procedure, or are generally tolerant of handling but have specific triggers. ($1500)

dog papillon muzzle training

Serious Package (30 drop in lessons, 3 private lessons)

Appropriate for: dogs who have previously growled, snapped, or bitten at the vet or groomer’s, or require a muzzle, or cannot cope without medication or sedation. This package includes measurement for and purchase of a basket muzzle for your dog if you don’t already have one. ($2200)

Alternative Options

Cooperative Care training can also be done during a Board & Train stay, or via Private Lessons in which I train you rather than training your dog for you. If you are interested in learning how to groom your dog at home, I recommend the Handling & Grooming Package of 5 Private Lessons.