Items For Sale:

I keep a small range of products in stock to help clients quickly get the equipment they need to work with or be able to walk their dog. I've used numerous kinds of harnesses, collars, head halters, etc, and these are, in my experience, the best brands to invest in:


Freedom No-Pull Harness (sizes Small - X-Large)

For dogs who pull. Harnesses are critical for removing pressure from the dog's neck, as it can cause significant health problems as well as behavioral issues. No-pull harnesses help to reduce the amount of pulling the dog does and give the owner better control over the dog compared to connecting the leash to the collar.

Pros of this brand: made in the US, ability to adjust every strap for best fit, strap that goes behind armpits is lined with velvet to prevent chaffing/soreness



Balance Harness with Neck Buckle (sizes Tiny - Small)

For smaller dogs who pull or have trouble putting on other harnesses.

Pros of this brand: made in the US, ability to adjust every strap for best fit, non-restrictive design does not alter dog's gait, neck buckle ensures proper fit for dogs with large head or ears, neck buckle reduces stress for dogs that don't like harnesses going over their head

Comfort Trainer head halter (sizes 3 - 6+)

For dogs who pull so much or are so large that a no-pull harness doesn't give the owner enough control to safely walk the dog. These can also help to better control reactive dogs.

Pros of this brand: softer straps than most other head halters, easy to fit, easy to get on and off, fits a wide variety of dogs' heads


Connector for head halters

For dogs who are escape artists or owners who worry about head halters coming off the dog's head; these little straps connect the collar to either the head halter or the leash.


Martingale Collar with Buckle (size Small - XX-Large)

For dogs who have thick necks and/or slim heads, or have a history of backing out of collars. The extra loop tightens just enough to prevent the collar from slipping off the dog's head, without cutting off the dog's airway as a choke chain does. This collar should not be used to give collar pops/corrections.

Pros of this brand: extra buckle means that you can easily put the collar on/off without fiddling with the sizing


Tethers (2 - 4 feet, teenie and regular)

To keep your dog out of trouble! (Supervised use only). These help with teaching manners (especially potty training) and managing excitement (such as when guests come in). You can also use them in the car to keep the dog from climbing into the front seat.

Pros of this brand: made in the US, metal cable at core means that your dog can't chew through it, plastic coating is non-abrasive



Trek & Train Treat Bags

These are useful when you're doing sports or trick training, during class, or other times that you need to have a large number of treats on hand.

Pros of this brand: magnetic closure makes it easy to open/close bag with one hand, can be attached with belt clip to waist or pocket or with belt loops, small pockets in front and back to put poop bags, clickers, keys, etc


Special Toys

Hard-to-find toys that include real bunny fur or sheep wool to help your dog develop a love of tugging. These are especially useful for shy dogs. They also make great rewards for sports training.