One-on-One Lessons:

60 minutes, package of 10 + 1 family lesson ($850) or 20 + 1 ($1400)

Sometimes progress is faster when a professional is training your dog for you. One on one training lessons are just me and your dog. Depending on your dog's needs, the lessons may take place at your home or at a local park, cafe, shopping area, etc. Between lessons, all you have to do is reward the behaviors you like (such as lying quietly at your feet) and practice simple, short homework exercises (for example, ask your dog to "touch" and reward her for touching her nose to your hand 5 times). After the scheduled number of one on one lessons, we'll schedule one family lesson to show you how to take advantage of and maintain your dog's new skills.

Examples of issues suitable for one on one lessons:

  • Puppy/basic manners
  • Leash walking
  • Reactivity (barking, growling, and/or lunging at other dogs or people)
  • Guarding of food or toys
  • Sports Lessons

Not all issues are appropriate for one on one lessons. For example, potty training needs to be done by the owner throughout the day. Call or email for more information.