Puppy Field Trips for Socialization:

60 minute field trips ($50)

A friendly, well-behaved adult dog starts with a well-socialized puppy!

Between 8 and 16 weeks old, your puppy is at the prime age for socialization. This is the time that puppies are learning about what is safe and normal in their world. Puppies kept entirely at home and not introduced to the outside world are prone to developing fear and aggression problems as they mature, because the world is full of strange, scary things to them. After 16 weeks, opportunities to explore the world must be maintained or you will experience backsliding and an increase in fearfulness.

Feeling overwhelmed already? Ruff Translation has the answer -- a professional trainer taking your puppy out into the world for you! I will drop in while you're away, potty your puppy, and take her on a socialization field trip.

Benefits of Puppy Field Trips:

  • Careful, guided exposure to the big wide world, helping prevent future fear and aggression issues.
  • Positive experiences with someone visiting teaches your puppy to love future pet-sitters and dog-walkers.
  • A professional can catch developing problems and nip them in the bud.
  • Helps with potty training, since your puppy will get a potty trip outside.
  • Prevention of common behavior issues -- automatically includes training on:
    • Polite leash walking
    • No biting of hands or clothing
    • Coming when called
    • Being calm during vet exams, grooming, and other kinds of handling
    • Safety training - waiting at doors and gates

Schedule Puppy Field Trips while your puppy is in the prime age for socialization (8-16 weeks), or for remedial socialization and training (older puppies). If you would like to learn more or are worried about your young puppy getting sick, please read the About Socialization page, which has information about vaccinations and puppy safety, and more details about the process and importance of socialization. If you are still concerned about possible diseases, I am happy to keep your 25 pound and under puppy off the ground for the entire trip.

Example places we may visit:

Cafe, downtown offices and plazas, hardware store, park trails, shopping center, hospital, school, skate park, subway station. Locations will depend on what is in your area and what your puppy is ready to handle.