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Welcome to Ruff Translation!

    Ruff Translation provides dog training services in the Dublin area of California, including Livermore, Pleasanton, and San Ramon. My goal is to translate between people and dogs: allowing you to communicate to your dog how you want him or her to behave, as well as recognize how your dog sees the world and why he is acting the way he does. I use only positive, force-free methods, primarily clicker training.

    My specialty is Puppy Field Trips, which provide socialization and foundation training for young puppies.

    I provide Private Lessons for everything from the basics (such as coming when called, polite leash walking, and no jumping on visitors) to relieving more serious behavioral issues (such as barking/lunging on-leash, food guarding, and separation anxiety). I also teach a variety of Group Classes. You can read the About the Trainer page to get to know me and my training methods.

    Let's get you and your dog on the same page!

Contact Info:


    Association of Professional Dog Trainers - Dog Training Professionals

    Phone: 408-843-8473

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