All training programs start with an Assessment (unless you don’t yet have your dog and we do a Pre-Adoption Consult). This appointment allows me to get to know you and your dog, and put together an individualized training plan. You'll receive plenty of information, including a prognosis for how much training your dog will need, and get started with the first steps toward your goals.


How It Works

  • The Assessment lasts 1 hour 45 minutes, and costs $150.

  • For clients in my service area, we will meet in your home, unless we need your dog to meet my own dogs prior to boarding.

  • For clients outside my service area, you will come to my farm in Winters.

  • Some behavioral issues only require this one appointment. For example, a potty-training plan can be drawn up quickly, and then it's up to the family members to implement it. For most issues, however, continued training guidance is necessary via Private Lessons, Board & Train, or Cooperative Care drop ins.

  • I do all of my scheduling and client paperwork online. You can use the links above and below to schedule an appointment and sign up for the client portal.

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