Private Lessons

The perfect option for owners who want to be hands-on with their dog's training. Weekly lessons are fine-tuned for your dog's needs. Lessons are scheduled in your home for basic training, or in public for socialization work and advanced training.


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Private lessons always start with a 1.5 hour Assessment, in your home or at the farm in Winters. It allows me to get to know you and your dog, and put together an individualized training plan. You'll receive plenty of information and start on the first steps of training.

Some behavioral issues only require this one meeting. For example, a potty-training plan can be drawn up quickly, and then it's up to the family members to implement it. For most issues, however, continued training guidance is necessary.

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Private Lessons are sold in packages to help you get from foundation skills to full success. Lessons last 1.5 hours each and are generally scheduled weekly. Owners are expected to practice homework between lessons. This allows you to make continual progress toward your goal with ongoing support.

Sample Reactivity Package of 4 Lessons

(For dogs who bark or lunge at other dogs, especially when on leash)

Assessment: Discussion of lifestyle changes, management, and overall training protocol for reactivity issues.
Week 1: Introduction of Engage/Disengage game, leash work, and beginning BAT work.
Week 2: BAT work with a decoy dog, with trainer providing maximum amount of support.
Week 3: BAT work with a second decoy dog, with trainer providing medium amount of support, and owner learning to make decisions about their dog's needs.
Week 4: BAT work with a third decoy dog or in real-world situation, with owner making most of the decisions, and trainer providing support as needed to finesse technique.

Sample Puppy Package of 6 Lessons

Assessment: Discussion of puppy's needs, socialization, potty-training, bite inhibition, and handling.
Week 1: Sit, handling/grooming, self control games & no jumping.
Week 2: Down, coming when called foundation, walk with me (off-leash heeling).
Week 3: Stays, go to mat, leash walking, drop it.
Week 4: Coming when called around distractions, advanced handling/grooming, leave it.
Week 5: Stays around distractions, leash walking past distractions, waiting at the door.
Week 6: Practicing in public.