Board & Train

Let a professional do the work for you! Your dog will live in my home and be treated as one of my own dogs, with 1 hour of training, 1 hour of exercise, and plenty of social time each day. Follow up Private Lessons are included to help you understand and build on your dog's training.


How It Works

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An Assessment will be done before your dog's board, to discuss your goals and the training needed to get there. This can be done at your home (if in my service area) or here on the farm in Winters, and lasts 1.5 hours.

During the board, your dog will live in my home, with access to a large fenced pasture, social time with other dogs as appropriate, and plenty of exercise. He will be learning house manners along with 1 hour of intensive training each day. Notes will be emailed every day so you can follow along with your dog's progress.

For new clients, pick ups are scheduled with a 1.5 hour Private Lesson on site, along with written instructions for how to keep your dog's training going strong at home. Another Private Lesson will be done in your home (if in my service area) 1-2 weeks after pick up, to make sure that both dog and human remember what to do. Remember that training is a long-term endeavor; if you do not follow the instructions and continue to work with your dog, his skills will regress and previous problems will resurface.


This video with Lamborghini the Lab Mix shows what a typical day looks like for a boarding dog, as well as a bit of the training we did.


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What's Taught

The Board & Train program is individualized to every dog's and owner's needs. During the Assessment we will discuss your goals and the training needed to get there. Some examples are:

  • Basic obedience and house manners (see sample package below).
  • Advanced manners and self-control (see sample below).
  • Reactivity to other dogs, people, or noises.
  • Confidence building for shy dogs.
  • Tricks to work your dog's brain.
  • Foundation sports training such as competition obedience, rally o, rally-free. agility, and K9 nose work.

Advanced Manners (2 weeks)

Recommended for dogs who have the basics down at home, but need extra help with self-control and working around distractions. Later lessons will include trips to local parks, pet stores, and other pet-friendly locations for serious distraction training.

  • Focus in public
  • Self-control exercises
  • Working around difficult distractions


Basic Manners Package (3 weeks)

Recommended for puppies and recently adopted dogs. Your dog will be taken through foundation training and learn to perform around other dogs, people, and distractions such as food on the floor.

  • Obedience: sit, down, stay, come, leash walking, drop it, leave it, go to mat, calm handling, wait at door
  • House manners: potty training, crate training, chew training, not jumping