Puppy Camp for Working Parents

A special program for “working parents,” who want their puppy to learn and exercise instead of being stuck in a pen all day. You get all the benefits of Board & Train - intensive training and socialization under the care of a professional trainer - but bring your pup home to share the weekend. For puppies less than 6 months old.


How It Works

  • We'll meet for an Assessment or Pre-Adoption Consult first and review common puppy training issues, as well as your pup’s individual needs.

  • Flexible scheduling allows for typical Monday-through-Friday workweeks or alternative work schedules. Your puppy can stay with me for just one day a week, or all five weekdays, or whatever else you need.

  • Your puppy will be living in my home, raised like one of my own dogs.

  • He'll receive 1 hour of intensive training each day, along with frequent socialization trips and puppy-appropriate exercise.

  • Notes are emailed to you each evening so you can follow along with your pup's progress.

  • When you pick up your dog, you'll get a 45 minute mini-Private Lesson so that you know how to keep your puppy’s training consistent at home.

puppy training socialization board

What’s Taught

The Puppy Camp program is individualized to every pup and owner's needs, but typically consists of: sit, down, stay, go to bed, come, leave it, drop it, leash walking, wait at door, being calm for handling and grooming, not jumping, not biting, potty training, crate training, manners in public, appropriate greetings with new people and dogs