Ruff Translation provides dog training services in Fairfield, Vacaville, Winters, and Napa, California.

Let's get you and your dog on the same page!

Board & Train

Let a professional do the work for you! Your dog will live in my home and be treated as one of my own dogs, with 1 hour of training, 1 hour of exercise, and plenty of social time each day. Follow up Private Lessons are included to help you understand and build on your dog's training.

Private Lessons

The perfect option for owners who want to be hands-on with their dog's training. Weekly lessons are fine-tuned for your dog's needs. Lessons are scheduled in your home for basic training, or in public for socialization work and advanced training.

By Juniper Zen, CPDT-KA

Ruff Translation is owned by Juniper Zen. I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and a graduate of the Canine Behavior Academy in Marin. I strive to "translate" between dogs and humans, so that the dogs can learn how to behave, and the humans understand their dogs' needs.

Do you have problems with...

  • A new puppy or rescue dog learning manners?
  • Leash walking?
  • Jumping on guests?
  • Handling, grooming, or vet care?
  • Barking/lunging at other dogs or people? ("Leash reactivity?")
  • Fear issues?
  • Separation anxiety?
  • Anything else?