Is it harmful to attach a leash to your dog’s neck?

Pressure on the dog's neck can cause: neck/spinal injuries such as whiplash or fractured vertebrae, ear and eye problems, hypothyroidism, nerve damage, and behavioral problems.

So you think you know what a pit bull is? One of the pictures below is of an American pit bull terrier. The others are of other specific, registered breeds. No mixes, no mutts. As you will see with this quiz, there are lots of breeds of dogs who look like what people think of as a pit bull... When people talk about pit bulls, they’re generally talking about any breed or mix that looks like what they think of as being a “pit bull.”
Todd’s story may sound like a freak accident, but retractable leashes are responsible for a surprising number of injuries each year, including amputations... The most common injuries reported were burns and cuts, usually sustained when the cord came in contact with skin as it rapidly paid out from the handle of a leash. Others occurred when the cord got wrapped around part of the owner or the dog... “They should never be used on neighborhood walks or in stores or other situations where there might be distractions that can make a dog suddenly bolt,” she says. In those types of situations, she advises owners to use a solid leash no longer than six feet long. Peak says dogs can suffer some of the same types of injuries from retractable dog leashes as people do. In addition, dogs suffer injury to their necks and backs when they are suddenly jerked to a stop when they run out the length of the leash.
On 16 cloud-free days in Northern California, the team measured a car’s inside temperature at 5 minute intervals for one hour post-parking. Ambient temperatures on the study days ranged from 22°C to 35°C.

They found that, regardless of outside air temperature, the car heated up at a similar rate - gaining 80% of its final temperature within 30 minutes. Cars that started out comfortable 22°C, for example, rocketed to over 47°C after 60 minutes in the sun. And keeping the windows open a crack hardly slowed the rise at all.
Within 20 minutes, readings in both cars exceeded 125°F and reached a maximum stabilized temperature in 40 minutes... As in other studies, we found that “cracking” the windows is an ineffective attempt to keep the car interior at an acceptable temperature.
None of us would ever dream of letting an infant or child ride in a car without appropriate safety restraints, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen friends of mine carefully strap in their kids and then let Zippy the dog ride loose. Let me be blunt, here: If you have a thirty-mile-an-hour collision, your twenty-five-pound dog is going to turn into a projectile just the way your twenty-five-pound toddler would.
Instead of seeing the rainbow as violet, blue, blue-green, green, yellow, orange and red, dogs would see it as dark blue, light blue, gray, light yellow, darker yellow (sort of brown), and very dark gray. In other words, dogs see the colors of the world as basically yellow, blue and gray.


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